Traveling Abroad with a Criminal Record

After Arrest Criminal cases come with significant restrictions on a person’s freedoms both before resolution and after sentencing.  Typically, a person facing charges must pay a bond and comply with travel restrictions imposed by the Court to ensure their future appearance in Court.  Courts often order the person to obtain specific permission if they want…read more


Can You Divorce Your Common Law Spouse in Florida?

Before last week, I’d have answered this question with a simple, “no”. Section 741.211, Florida Statutes explicitly states, “No common-law marriage entered into after January 1, 1968, shall be valid…”.  The title of the section is “common-law marriages void”.  It seems cut and dry.  However, in typical lawyer fashion, my answer today is, “it depends”. …read more


DUI Legal Guide

This guide is a roadmap to beginning to repair the damage from a brand new DUI. It assumes that this is your first offense, and that you are released from jail the day after your arrest.